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As of November 28, Ukrainian agrarians harvested 62.073 mln tonnes of grains throughout the areas of 13.679 mln ha, or 95% of the plan. The average yield totaled 4.54 t/ha, reported the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. At the same time, on the same date last year the production volumes reached 59.9 mln tonnes.


World agrimarket
World agrimarket (14 November - 18 November, 2016)
  • ALGERIA: Traders: OAIC (state grains agency) bought around 200,000 t durum wheat from optional origins (likely from the US, Canada and Mexico), at $335-$345 c&f, Nov/Dec.
  • INDONESIA: Traders: a private mill recently secured 20,000 CRWS wheat from Canada, at $265-$270 c&f, for Feb shipment. Separately, a consortium of private millers purchased 25,000 t ASW wheat from Australia, at $210 c&f.
World agrimarket (26 September - 30 September, 2016)
  • EU (France): Shipping and trade sources: a 33,000 t wheat cargo from Bulgaria arrived at the port of Dunkirk, reportedly destined for the starch industry.
  • JORDAN: Traders: seeks (28 Sep) 100,000 t milling wheat and (29 Sep) 100,000 t feed barley from optional origins.
World agrimarket (12 September - 16 September, 2016)
  • SOUTH KOREA: Traders: Major Feedmill Group (MFG) purchased (8 Sep) 69,000 t maize from optional origins, at $188.45 c&f plus a $1.25 surcharge, for Dec arrival. Separately, Nonghyup Feed Inc. (NOFI) bought 62,000 t maize from optional origins, at $187.95 c&f plus a $1.25/t surcharge, Dec.
  • ALGERIA: Traders: OAIC (state grains agency) purchased (7 Sep) 300,000-500,000 t milling wheat from optional origins, at $197/t c&f, Oct-Nov shipment. While origins were not disclosed, supplies were expected to be sourced from the EU (France, UK, Germany and Poland) and the US.
World agrimarket (05 September - 09 September, 2016)
  • MEXICO: USDA: private exporters reported the sale of 129,540 t US maize, incl. 99,060 t for delivery in MY2016/17 (Sep/Aug) and 30,480 t in MY2017/18.
  • INDIA: Traders: in recent weeks, purchased around 52,000 t wheat from Ukraine, for Sep shipment. The latest deals follow the dispatch of 52,100 t in Jul and 90,000 t in Aug.
World agrimarket (22 August - 26 August, 2016)
  • JORDAN: Traders: state grain buyer seeks (24 Aug) 100,000 t feed barley from optional origins.
  • TUNISIA: Traders: state grains agency seeks (19 Aug) 42,000 t durum from optional origins, for Dec 2016 - Jan 2017 shipment.

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