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World agrimarket
World agrimarket (6 June - 10 June, 2016)
  • THAILAND: Traders: feed mills bought 60,000 t feed wheat, at $193-$197 c&f, Nov shipment.
  • INDONESIA: Traders: bought 25,000 t milling wheat from Australia, at $1.00/bu + CME Sep c&f, Aug arrival.
World agrimarket (16 May - 20 May, 2016)
  • USA: Traders: in late Apr, purchased about 44,900 t non-GMO maize from the EU (Romania).
  • SOUTH KOREA: Traders: Nonghyup Feed Inc. (NOFI) bought about 65,000 t feed wheat from optional origins, at $186.70 c&f (plus $1.50 surcharge), Aug-Sep shipment. However, in tenders to secure maize and soyameal, no purchases were made.
World agrimarket (18 April - 22 April, 2016)
  • THAILAND: Traders: seeks (21 Apr) at least 162,600 t feed wheat from optional origins, Oct-Dec shipment.
  • ISRAEL: Traders: purchased around 5,000 t feed wheat form the Black Sea region, at $175 c&f, May shipment.

World agrimarket (11 April - 15 April, 2016)
  • ALGERIA: Traders: purchased at least 400,000 t milling wheat from optional origins, likely from the EU (France), at $180-$181 c&f, Jun.
  • SOUTH KOREA: Traders: Major Feedmill Group purchased 69,000 t feed wheat from optional origins, at $179.90 c&f, Jul/Aug.
World agrimarket (14 March - 18 March, 2016)
  • ALGERIA: Traders: OAIC (state grains agency) purchased at least 125,000 t feed barley from optional origins at $170-171 c&f, Apr/May, with a portion likely to be sourced from the EU (France).
  • TUNISIA: Traders: state grains agency seeks (11 Mar) 67,000 t milling wheat, Jun/Jul shipment, and 25,000 t feed barley, Jun, both from optional origins.

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